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Martin Press

Martin Press

Martin Press was born and bred in Lower Hutt, Wellington. He grew up with chiropractic, and many of his family friends are chiropractors. Martin always wanted to do something in health from an early age. He studied tertiary education at Dunedin University then moved to Royal Melbourne Institute Technology (RMIT) in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. There Martin completed his Chiropractic Degree (B.APP.Sc(Chiro)), graduating in 1986. Martin was a locum for a few years then brought the Lower Hutt practice off Stefan Pallister. The practice is the oldest in Lower Hutt and was previously owned by Cyril Phelps. We moved to our present location in 1993, and Hutt Chiropractic Centre was incorporated into the Lower Hutt Chiropractic Clinic in 2003.

Martin enjoys treating all conditions, but especially enjoys treating children/babies and sports injuries as he has a passion for golf and rugby.


Maree McConnachie

When I am asked why I became a Chiropractor, I always say “it was a rush of blood to the head”. Then I go on to explain my introduction to Chiropractic and my first adjustment. It was the 1980s and I was hitchhiking around New Zealand with a  girlfriend, studying Naturopathy by correspondence as I went. I had no symptoms at all, but wanted to find out about chiropractic. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before and I still recall the feeling of absolute mental clarity that  followed my first neck adjustment. I decided I wanted to become a Chiropractor.
I moved to Melbourne and began work as a proof reader,  applying for Chiropractic each year. Finally in 1987 I was accepted and began the five year degree, graduating in 1992. Immediately following graduation I traveled to the Philippines and helped a friend and colleague set up a free Chiropractic
Clinic in a small rural village. I lived there for 4 months, learning Tagalog and running the clinic and helping conduct research into the indigenous healers of the Philippines. Since then, I have worked all over the world in many different practices, including South Africa, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. For five years I had my own practice in Petone that I set up from scratch, including renovating an historic building on Jackson Street to run it from.
In 2012 I took my three children off to Australia to experience life in a different country. We ended up living in the Central West of New South Wales for two years. It was a great experience for us all. We returned to our home on the Kapiti Coast in January of 2014 and I returned to work on The Terrace in Wellington. I stayed in that position for 2 years. In 2017 I took off to Europe on a whim and lived in a small idyllic village in the Netherlands. My three teenagers came across for a month also and we traipsed about Europe. I returned to the beautiful Kapiti Coast in October 2017 and started work at Lower Hutt Chiropractic Clinic soon after.
My main interest is Wellness Chiropractic and I would love to envisage a future where patients come before they have any symptoms at all. Interestingly, in my 26 years of being a Chiropractor I can count on one hand how many patients fall into that category. Most people have back pain, neck pain and headaches. Of course Chiropractic is brilliant at helping with these but it is much more than.


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Most people go and see a chiropractor when they are in pain or discomfort and in the mistaken belief they have put something out of place or something is pressing on a nerve.  What they do not realise is spinal joints react in the same way as other joints when sprained.  Like a sprained ankle there is inflammation which causes irritation to the tissues surrounding these joints including the nervous system and as this inflammation decreases so does the pain.  But the muscle damage, ligmentous damage remains and the spinal joints remain unstable.
From a practitioner’s point of view getting rid of the client’s pain is only the first stage of rehabilitation.  After this the chiropractor looks at the full function of the joints involved and the stability of the muscles and surrounding tissues.