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An important part of chiropractic treatment is to teach the patient how to take care of their own body. The patient may be given a programme of exercise to be done at home.

Recent research shows special training under supervision from educated personnel is valuable for patients with persistent pains in their pack and neck.  This kind of training now forms part of the treatment offered by many chiropractors.

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Most people go and see a chiropractor when they are in pain or discomfort and in the mistaken belief they have put something out of place or something is pressing on a nerve.  What they do not realise is spinal joints react in the same way as other joints when sprained.  Like a sprained ankle there is inflammation which causes irritation to the tissues surrounding these joints including the nervous system and as this inflammation decreases so does the pain.  But the muscle damage, ligmentous damage remains and the spinal joints remain unstable.
From a practitioner’s point of view getting rid of the client’s pain is only the first stage of rehabilitation.  After this the chiropractor looks at the full function of the joints involved and the stability of the muscles and surrounding tissues.